#CloseFCPS on March 5, 2018

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We as students, staff members, teachers, and parents at Fairfax County Public schools are constantly having to choose between work/grades and SAFETY. 

Here are some facts: 

1. Prince William County, our neighbors, provided a 2hr delay for the conditions on the road, even though they have LESS students with power outages, and is a much smaller county with less damage from the wind storms. We have over 20,000 residents without power, Prince William County has around 800 residents without power.

2. Fairfax County Public Schools has a policy listed on their website which explains why they have to either close all the schools, or open all the schools. FCPS stated that these rules only applied to weather-based problems, however they fail to realize that the debris and conditions of the road were caused by a wind storm on Friday, which is a weather problem. All of the reasons to close all schools in the county still apply in this scenario. 

3. Fairfax County Public Schools issued a tweet saying "Parents with concerns for their students always have the option to keep their student home for an excused absence if they believe conditions are unsafe for their child." This is ridiculous. There are thousands of kids/teachers/workers living in areas in which either their homes are out of power, or their roads are unsafe. AN EXCUSED ABSENCE DOESN'T EXCUSE THE WORK THEY MISSED.They should not be punished with falling behind on schoolwork, or using their own leave days for conditions out of their control that thousands of other people have. 

4. Closing some schools and opening others provide many internal problems for households. There are teachers who teach at a school that is open but have children attending schools that are closed. They would have to use their own leave days to stay and look after their kid. Similarly, If an older sibling goes to a school that is open and the younger one goes to a school that is closed, the older sibling would have to sacrifice being behind in schoolwork. 

Time and time again, Fairfax County Public Schools has failed to show appropriate concern for students, teachers, and worker's safety. They only close if forced upon by news outlets and other counties. This will be another example of FCPS being hypocritical, and uncaring. 


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