Fairfax County: Hold Transdev Accountable for Payroll Issues at the Fairfax Connector!

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Transdev Services, Inc. has been the contractor for the Fairfax Connector bus service for nearly a year now. Nevertheless, the company continues to struggle with even the most basic parts of running the business--namely, compensating the workers who make the service possible.

During the COVID-19 service reduction bus operators are supposed to be paid the full amount of pay they received prior to the service reduction, thanks to federal funds received through the CARES Act. For the past two pay periods on May 8 and May 22, Transdev has shorted bus operators on their guaranteed run pay. The company's response to this has been inadequate, and the fact that the problem continues to persist is unacceptable. 

Additionally, the union contract requires that vacation hours for the 2020 calendar year were to be disbursed retroactive to January 1, 2020. With the year nearly half over, Transdev has still not properly loaded vacation time onto workers' paychecks. Nor have the workers been given a credible explanation for why the company is witholding their vacation time.

This system-wide incompetence is unacceptable, and is a clear illustration of why the Fairfax Connector should not be run by Transdev. Fairfax County should follow WMATA's lead and dump Transdev at the end of the current contract and bring the work in-house!