Get Bubba out of this horrific RV!! He should not have to live stuck in his own feces!

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Jamie Straatsma
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Bubba is a 47lb sulcata that was pulled from an RV in North Pole, Alaska on September 28th, 2018. He was stuck to the floor in the bathroom in his own feces where he was being contained in a very small, cramped space next to the toilet. He had no heat, no uvb and could not move. He was removed from the RV and turned over to Interior Alaska RAE Rescue. It took the rescue over an hour to clean all the fecal matter off his legs, face and underside of his shell. There was 1-2 inches of fecal matter, rotten lettuce and crud stuck on the underside of his shell. He has pyramiding on his shell and an abrasion on the left side of his face from constantly trying to look to the left crammed in the corner while his shell restricted him from being able to see or extend his head out. He could not eat as he could not move.

The rescue was forced to give the tortoise back to this owner on October 10th, 2018 as trooper Silas Hessler of the Alaska State Troopers has deemed the conditions of the RV as "not bad enough" and that he does not have enough grounds to keep from returning the tortoise to the original owner. This tortoise was given an assessment by Dr. Hansen at Chena Vet on October 10th, 2018 who deemed the tortoise "in good health" after only performing a visual inspection on the tortoise that lasted around 5 minutes. Regardless of the pyramiding of his shell, regardless of the information given to the vet clinic of his previous conditions, the sounds the tortoise makes at times while breathing heavily or stressed in the rescue's care and the description of his behavior as being lethargic and listless and not standing up and lifting his shell off the floor much at all while under the care of the rescue from the 28th of September - October 10th. There were no tests performed on this tortoise to see what state of health he is in to truly be able to deem him "in good health". This veterinarian's assessment was the deciding factor as to whether or not this tortoise was to be returned to it's original owner. 

Please sign this petition to help us get the authorities to conduct a proper investigation of the RV this tortoise and 17 dogs are being held in, get proper medical treatment and be assessed by a vet with experience with reptiles that understands how to properly assess the health of a reptile, hold the owner accountable for her cruelty and neglect of this tortoise and get this tortoise out of that RV and her care!! Help us speak for animals being abused and neglected that cannot speak for themselves!

Here is a link to the video of where he was found and the videos of him being cleaned in the bath tub. While he was very scared at first, turning away from me in the tub and hiding his face, after a while he fully extended his head and neck for me to scrub and stood up as tall as he could to get all that crud off the bottom of his shell. Once he figured out I was a good guy, it was as if he was saying, "Thank you!".

This is the video I made on Bubba's behalf proving the long term neglect and abuse he's suffered at the hands of his owner.