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It's our pay, we want a say! Don't mess with our Sunday!

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Sunday rates are the backbone of thousands of people's paycheck. 

Uni students and families all require this extra money to get through the week. With the cost of living rising and housing prices soaring these weekend and public holiday rates are becoming vital to everyday Australians.  

It is a known fact that the cost of living is rising and our wages are not. This unfair legislation is targeting people who more and more are struggling to pay bills, while politicians are making a Salary 3 times higher than the average Australian. These changes are being made by people who earn well over $150 000 a year, they live very comfortably funded by us, the hard working Aussies.

Why should we give up our weekends for no extra bonus? What sort of effect will that have on people How many mothers and fathers will lose precious time with their children? How many uni students will struggle to pay for degrees, housing and food? How will this effect Australian families? 

How many young adults have given up their social lives to support themselves? How many young people have felt socially isolated because they don't have the opportunity to see friends on weekends? What opportunities have been missed because the cost of living is taking over our lives?

This decision needs to be reversed as it doesn't account for the hundreds of thousands of Australians that will suffer with this change. This petition is a message to the Government that we will all be effected negatively! 

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