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Fair & Legal Trials for Dubai Hunger Strikers

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How does it feel to be locked up for decades for a crime you never committed? What happens to the lives of the family you leave behind who have to then fend for themselves? What do you do if no one is interested in the evidence which would prove your innocence? What if your sentence is so long that your only way out is in a box?

This is a grave reality for British nationals Safi Qurashi & Peter Margetts who are amongst approx 20 Foreign Expats currently on a Hunger strike in Dubai's Central Jail in protest over the fact that they are being denied access to  justice. They are risking their own lives so others do not suffer. For some of them it has been over a month and the signs of danger are showing especially for those already suffering from heart related illnesses or Blood pressure and Diabetes. It is a real travesty that the British Government have remained silent over this Human Rights issue.

The access to a fair and legal trial is a fundamental right within International Human Rights Law. The current practices and abuse of legal process by the Dubai Courts has left a large number of Foreign Expats imprisoned for alleged financial crimes for upto 46 years. These people are law abiding citizens who have been caught up in a series of miscarriages of justice which have destroyed their lives and that of their families.   

Majority of those affected are bonafide businessmen imprisoned for issuing cheques which were mis-used and subsequently bounced by banks or individuals. The law which was actually setup to protect them and prevent the abuse of cheques was never upheld and evidence & circumstances not considered during  trials which lasted  seconds in the Dubai Courts. With the absence of evidence, the guilt of the crime was assumed by the courts and the accused denied access to justice during the trial.  This is a flagrant violation of the right to a fair and legal trial and International Human Rights Law.

Please help us to restore the Human Rights and the lives of  Foriegn Expats who currently have no 'Voice' in the outside World and no support from the British Government. Remember the famous words of Martin Luther King “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere”.

Therefore, we ask you to please sign the petition requesting the UK Government to stop the abuse of legal process by the Dubai's Judicial Authorities, ensure the UAE Constitution is upheld and the innocent are immediately released from Dubai's Central Jail, before its too late!

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