Make FLHS Music Awards Ceremony free of charge, like FLHS Varsity Sports Awards Ceremony.

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Every year, the Fair Lawn High School Music Awards Ceremony is performed at an exclusive and expensive venue. Last year the ticket price was $45 per student, plus $45 for each parent who wanted to see their child receive the award. Parents with two kids in the music program, and who wished to watch their children receive their awards, had to pay $180 to be present.

If a family cannot afford the ticket price to the Awards Dinner, their student cannot receive his/her award unless they go through a humiliating process of claiming hardship to receive a 'charity' ticket. Over the years, many students have chosen not to attend the event, even if they were receiving an award. Very few parents are able to attend because of the exorbitant ticket price.

FLHS Varsity Sports Awards, in contrast, holds their award ceremony in the large gymnasium. There is no charge. The event is free and open to everyone, including family, friends and all athletes. The bleachers are filled with well-wishers who are able to celebrate and honor these worthy individuals.

Please tell administrators at Fair Lawn High School that high school musicians should be treated with the same respect as athletes - not penalized for receiving an award.

**FLHS Music Awards should have the same accessibility as FLHS Varsity Sports Awards.**

**Award-winning Musicians deserve the chance to be cheered on by family, friends, teachers, and peers!**

Charging music students to receive awards is a punitive, discriminatory and unfair practice and results in a poorly attended awards event, with many students feeling left out, marginalized, even taken advantage of - in short, exploited. The Music Awards Ceremony should have no charge, and any Awards Dinner should be optional, and fairly priced.

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