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Fair Funding for all Schools in Wales

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Schools across Wales are facing devastating funding cuts.

We strongly oppose any cuts to education funding. Our schools are at a crisis point; they are already under significant pressure and these cuts will hurt. Further cuts are likely to lead to larger class sizes, fewer teachers and teaching assistants, less support for children with special educational needs, and reductions to or loss of extra-curricular activities and non statutory provision.

Investment in education is an investment both in the future of our children and of our country. We call on the Welsh Assembly to ensure, as a matter of urgency, that:

  • Cuts to school budgets are reversed and all schools are adequately funded
  • A fair, consistent and transparent formula is used to allocate funding equitably, for all pupils in schools in Wales
  • Funding per pupil is increased for the most poorly funded schools without cutting funding per pupil for any other school
  • No child will lose out as a result of changes to funding arrangements

Head Teachers are saying:

‘We lost £50k to the UK government’s apprentice levy; so we lose two staff’

‘We’re £300k short and are looking at reducing interventions and have increased class sizes’

‘In a school in West Wales with 350 pupils, I am now having to teach full time.’

‘I have to make over £270k in savings and that is going to have a huge impact on what the school can provide for the children’

What to do next

Set up your own Facebook group, perhaps working with the other primary and secondary schools in your town or local area so you can work together and share ideas.

Connect to us:

Use Facebook and Twitter to publicise the petition:     #FundWelshSchools

Set up a campaign group at your local school and organise your own public meeting.

We have template letters. You can email your MP, AM and local councillor and tell them your concerns and what you want them to do, or write your own letter (even better).

Keep in touch with us and we will be happy to hear from you.





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