Keep Surry and Stokes Co. Judicial System Fair-Reinstate Superior Court Seat for 17-B

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This week two Surry and Stokes Co. NC House Representatives, Kyle Hall & Sarah Stevens, stripped funding for a Superior Court Judgeship in this district (17-B). The removal of this position was hidden in the 2018 budget, without disclosure or notification by Hall or Stevens to the citizens of Stokes and Surry County. Both Stokes and Surry County residents are owed an explanation along with a public forum to discuss the elimination of this position, currently held by Andy Cromer.

Per Article 4 of the NC Constitution, citizens have a fair judicial system, with adequate funding and fair judges and per a NC Superior Court Justice Workload Assessment (2011), 17-B has need for 2 resident judges. Because there is no new workload assessment nor census data nor district change for 17-B, there should be no change in our judicial allocation. We ask you both to restore budget funding for 17-B Superior Court Judgeship immediately.  

Let democracy prevail and give the voters of this district a fair election process this November.