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Fair Care Home Fees for all

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Discrimination in Care Home Fee charges – currently the biggest ‘tax’  you will pay in your lifetime – self funders should pay the same price for a bed in a care home as the Local Authority pays on behalf of those with no savings.

At the moment there is a huge discrepancy between the fees that the Local Authority pays and the fees that a self-funder pays from their life savings or the sale of property.    This is blatant discrimination and the highest ‘tax’ that anyone will pay in a lifetime.

Care home beds should cost the same for everyone – both LA funded and self-funders are accessing the same physical environment, the same facilities, the same food and the same care.  At one time Local Authorities pleaded special prices because they ‘block booked’ beds and so received a reduction on quantity.  This is not the case anymore and LAs place people in different homes and usually only have one or two small block booking contracts.

An example in one Authority – the LA pays £525 per week for a bed in a local care home; a self -funder pays  £875 for the same care home, the same facilities.  If the LA wants a larger room they pay an extra £10 per week; if the self-funder wants a larger room they  could pay £90 or more per week extra.

This means that the self-funder is paying a ‘tax’ of £350 a week, having already paid tax for the on all the savings and taxes on property purchase.  This is the highest premium you will ever pay in your life.  In some Authorities the gap is even wider.  The figures are currently being collected and will be printed as soon as we have them.

Some of that £350 difference may go to subsidise the care that the LA are supposedly providing but most of it will go straight into the pocket of the care home owners. It simply doesn’t cost between £800 and £1200 to provide care for an elderly person even those with the most complex needs.   The profit margins are massive.

We want equality, quite simply - the same fees for self-funders as the LA pay.  If this means an increase in LA contribution then so be it.  Let’s be clear we don’t want the care of those who can’t pay for themselves compromised in any way.

One solution would be to take care back into the control of the Local Authorities.  If  this happens then some people want to pay for private care homes then that is their choice but every single person should have the option of care within the LA and everyone should be paying the same price.

The current system is blatant discrimination and unfair treatment of the vulnerable and their families.  We are only surprised that there has been no legal challenge. 

This will affect you and your family so please sign the petition for change.

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