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Fair and Lovely must change their brand name, product advertising and product aim

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Fair & Lovely is an extremely racist company that sells a cream to make people fairer. By selling a fairness cream, Fair & Lovely are denying people's culture and colour. Everybody should be proud of who they are and a fairness cream should not get in the way of this. On Fair & Lovely's website they say that they want to ‘[inspire] women but also [enable] them by giving opportunities like higher education, career and entrepreneurship via the Fair & Lovely Foundation.’ This is clearly telling society that without being fair, you can't achieve much in life. Is this really what we believe in? 

Their advertisements wrongly outlines the 'fact' that being fair will open up more opportunities in life for women and men, such as getting married and getting a job. Here are two advertisements that imply that power comes with fairness:

As you can see Fair & Lovely disrupts a society's culture and creates a new and false beauty image for everyone in particular Asian countries. Being a teenager myself I can understand the importance of self esteem and I hope that Fair and Lovely does not lower the self esteem of women and teenagers in particular, more than it already has. This must change before Fair & Lovely becomes an even larger beauty aspiration for many Asian countries including India. 


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