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Take Down Discriminatory Ad. Lead the Change. #disbcampaign


“Fair and Handsome” and Shah Rukh Khan: We don't want ZYADA (more); we've had ENOUGH of fairness products and “unfair” advertising.  #disbcampaign  #darkisbeautiful

In the new “Fair and Handsome” ad, Shah Rukh Khan tosses a tube of fairness cream to a young fan. In the next scene, the boy’s skin grows whiter, his smile brightens and his hopes rise. The message: Fair skin is a prerequisite for success.

Such irresponsible advertising propagates discrimination among men, women— and even children.

Actress Nandita Das has observed, “Now the insecurities of men are also surfacing with equal number of fairness products for them. Such pressure and so little public debate around it!”

Now is the time to let “Fair and Handsome” and brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan know that our country is ready to shed age-old biases and let every person feel comfortable in their own skin.

Join us in calling Emami, the cosmetics company behind “Fair and Handsome,” and its brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, to suspend this discriminatory ad campaign.

Join us in challenging Emami to lead the change by introducing products that complement all complexions and that focus on healthy skin and protection against skin cancer.

This petition is the latest initiative of the Dark is Beautiful campaign. Since 2009, the campaign has been challenging women and girls to see “Beauty Beyond Colour.” Now, with this petition, we are speaking up for men and boys, who are also targets of “unfair” advertising.

Together, let us raise our voices to reflect a nation that celebrates every shade of beautiful and handsome!

Kavitha Emmanuel, for Dark is Beautiful

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  • Actiogen, US
    Ms. Chanda Zaveri
  • Canvas Films
    Mr. Raj Kumar Hirani
  • Director, Canvas Films
    Mr. Shakun Batra
  • Mr. Shah Rukh Khan
  • Director, Emami Group
    Mr. Mohan Goenka
  • Creative Director, Situations Advertising
    Mr. Milind Nabar (Creative Director, Situations Advertising)

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