End UGC's academic censure limiting the freedom to publish research

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University Grants Commission has introduced a list of approved journals, which they claim is chosen with utmost care and some predetermined criteria. The Journal List is apparently dynamic and only if one publishes their research in those approved journals, will they be considered for career advancement or award of PhD.

Every journal has an ISSN number issued by CISR after a period of evaluation. In spite of this recognition we have this academic censure in the form of branding some journals as poor, even if they qualify all the criteria compiled by UGC. 

UGC can choose to have a standardised list of journals but cannot brand some journals as poor and invalid. Some very prominent international journals like English Teaching Professional, CALL review and The Forum are no where acknowledged. English Teaching Professional has an international subscription of 5 million, an established journal in the field of ELT. 

Many journals which have been established for a decade are not part of the list. UGC has to lift this academic censure, evolve better methods of evaluation. If not included, it need not brand some reputed journals as invalid. This is not fair!

This has to change!

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