Preserve Homer and Virgil in Mods

I read Mods IIA and therefore did not get to do Homer or any Greek at all in Mods, but I wish I could have. In any event, I made sure to do Greek via the Second Classical Language papers in Greats. The verse paper (Iliad XXIV and the Bacchae) was actually my best work. I only infrequently find time to dip back into ancient authors nowadays, but Homer and above all Virgil are almost alone the ones to which I keep returning.

Far from axing them from Course I, the faculty ought to be racking their brains how they might make both authors available to Course II, at least to those whose interests lie more in language than in content. Maybe a fair trade for two languages from scratch, and so many books of Homer and Virgil, would be to reprieve them of the texts and contexts essay paper, which is frankly torture for budding grammarians, and of one of the two special subjects. That could make an attractive third variant of Course II, and, mind you, I say that as someone of, charitably, middling ability. There was a time I put something like this to one of my tutors, who acknowledged that his apology for the monolingual mods II amounted to "defending the indefensible".

If they go through with the proposed changes, no doubt they will live to regret them. Et si fata deum, si mens non laeva fuisset...

Nikhil Mukherjee, Toronto, Canada
9 months ago
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