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Fact-Check Presidential and Partisan Debates During the Debates

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We have a right to more organized and sophisticated presidential debates than we are currently witnessing. Therefore, we implore the Commission on Presidential Debates to change the Presidential debate rules, and the partisan debate hosts (such as CNN, FOX, PBS, and NBC) to change the partisan debate rules.

 We request that whenever a candidate states a "fact" during a partisan or Presidential debate, an independent party will fact-check the "fact" using a reliable source/s, and will report at predetermined intervals all false statements.

For example, CNN already fact checks candidates and can be used as a model as to how fact checks can be done. The only difference being that CNN fact checks after the debate.  

CNN fact checked some of the most notable claims made by Republican candidates in the two debates hosted by FOX news ( Not all of them were true.  
CNN did the same for the first democratic debate ( Again not all claims were true.

A fact check during the debate will help audience members and analysts to more accurately gauge who is winning the debate, and how much candidates care about getting their facts correct. Having correct facts is essential to making good policy decisions and will be crucial in office, thus providing more insight as to which candidate is best for the role of U.S president. As you know, the candidate who becomes President will have a major role in running the country for the next 4 to 8 years. Therefore, picking the best candidate is essential to the success of this country.

Fact checking should be done using reliable sources which must abide by the following guidelines: 

  ·    Must be written by an author/s or an organization who is a qualified professional on the topic discussed  (i.e. a pediatrics article being written by a pediatrician).  

·   Cannot be edited by anyone other than the original author/s (i.e some Wikipedia articles allow  editing by anyone) 

 ·   Article must show where it obtained it's information  

Additional guidelines for reliable sources can be determined by candidates and host prior to debate, but must be available for public viewing. 

Please, join us in changing how Presidential and partisan debates are run before the biggest debates of this election cycle come to pass. 

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