Fact-Check Censoring Is Crimes Against Humanity

Fact-Check Censoring Is Crimes Against Humanity

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Started by Sandra Wafer

Fact-Check& Facebook are censoring posts on Facebook that have been written by Doctors, scientist, people reporting deaths, adverse effects relating to the covid vaccines which are Crimes Against Humanity!

Fact-Check Censored a post about How Cannabis being Medicine. They said it was fact-checked by their independent fact checkers and was found to be untrue! Below is Proof that Cannabis is medicine.

Google... "US6630507"                                    this is a US Patent held since 1996 by the Federal U.S. Department of Health & Human Services that Proves Cannabis is Medicine and used for Cancer Treatment.

Wow kind of hard to swallow the truth when we all have been lied to and continue to be lied to since the Federal Government still classifies Cannabis as a schedule 1 with no medicinal value!

Just so you know today there are over 130,000 patents either held by the federal Government or sponsored by them that prove Cannabis cures and/or prevents almost every known illness to man including the use of Cannabis oil curing the severest brain cancer that no other treatment available has been able to do.

So Fact-Checks sole purpose is to Censor the Truth and by doing so is ultimately responsible for injuries and deaths as a result of their censorship. 

Fact-check knows this information is true because it is available and with research is verifiable but continues to Censor information that can save lives!

Fact-Checks intentional hindering of the facts about vaccines, deaths and adverse effects from vaccines are intentional Crimes Against Humanity. The Fact- Checkers themselves and who they work for should all be held accountable for the deaths and injuries they have caused for every single post that was censored from quality Doctors, scientists, the general public and governments reports from health organizations. 

Fact-Checkers are banning fb people for days, weeks and months who are sharing facts about vaccines deaths and information that would save people's lives if the information was allowed to be shown and people sharing it were not continually banned from sharing.

Please sign this petition if you think Fact-Check and Facebook should be held accountable and a  lawsuit should be filed against Fact-Checkers and Facebook for their actions.

We must stand up for our rights and freedoms today in order to secure the rights and freedoms of our children and future generations to come. We are all they have and when it comes down to it they and their futures are all that really matter.


Freedom Fighter

12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!