stop bad behavior from public housing tanats allow action

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hello i am writing this petition for change to take place on tanats that are apart of the public housing system who regularly abuse, make threats and out right make it hard for other people within the street or complex to live a normal life, I believe a strike basis should be ruled out nation wide to ban this type of behavior show its not tolerated bringing back respect, The police are powerless to act and class it as a neighborhood dispute, the public sector no matter who you write to for help turn it away more should be done about this issue especially if more than one or two households have put in complaints about the same person abusing or threatening..

.Why is this important to me I am currently dealing with  this type of problem at the moment. Iv had threats on myself my children and my husband my neighbour has threatened to rape me and my 8 year old daughter threatened to kill my husband and two sons aged 10 and 4 told me to shut my little retard (his autistic my son) up or they will punch him in the face abuses us everytime we go outside i suffer PTSD im seeing a psychologist because of them and psychiatrist bringing out memories in my childhood i wanted to forget my children are seeing a child psychologist as its effected them that much the school is concerned the behavior and verbal abuse they do to my children for playing outside,they go through my letter box caught on my cctv park in my driveway have placed nails in my driveway stand in my driveway starring at my house intimidating us we do gardening its our therapy we grow excesses fruit tree and vegie seedlings and give them away free its our happy place our bit for people, we won a garden competition the neighbour threatened to poison my garden $1000s of dolloars invested into it we have been quiet against them only going down the legal path with complaints to pacific link housing 18 official nothing done other neighbours have complained nothing done police say they cant help us they advised to get an APVO on them through the courts i did that thinking my family would now be protected and left alone, it didnt it made it worse they made false allegations and served us despite her abusing me when she got served infront of the officers something about drug addicts and dealers must be done when they impact on a family this much, families before me have moved because of the trouble she causes them please sign my petition show this can not keep happening we are good people placed into a horrible situation my husband and i are not well people all we ask for is to be left alone and no abuse or threats for living our lives