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Get rid of the god-damn ladders and twig in building block

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My god is this new update ever shit,  I would have never thought that roof campers would become roof campers on my own base! this twig and ladder thing has to go now. It pretty much makes every single deployable useless. Here's a short list on what will be effected

- Quarries are now useless; all you need is 300 wood and 3 rope than your on the road to instant wealth, but not for long, you will quickly get raided by twigs when your offline!

- High external walls are pointless: Who would win: 1500 stones or 12 sticks? if you said 12 sticks than you are correct, nothing speaks useless like high external stone walls in rust.

- Large furnaces: remember when your 6 large furnace room was raided, it was sure a shame when you forgot to put a building cupboard in it. . . but now it doesn't even matter anymore because twigs are here to fuck you up.

-Starting a day after before a wipe: Its always hard whenever your setting up your first base, want to know what makes it even harder? Having one asshole. . .  I mean average rust player build a ladder up your precious base that took hours to build and just hatchet their way into your goodies that you somehow still have.

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