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Facepunch, bring the old BP system back.

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Rust is dying. You could be blinded because of fanaticism, 'cause of your 3 or 4k hours in the game. But after 2 or 3 days into a new wipe, a new week, servers get empty, that's a fact. Please bring this system back, focus on improving one, instead of changing every time a bunch of crybabies complain about you. You have a strong fanbase, that's undeniable. And if it wasn't for that, Rust would have died a long time ago. Pay more attention to the "hardcore" players that you have, that have seen this game evolve (for good or bad) throughout this almost 5 years. This long time has passed and you (Facepunch), haven't done any major optimization update ,p.e. Give something to your players that is more important than new weapons, cars, shops... Give them the ability to play at a stable framerate, the ability to not be frustrated and leave the servers as soon as a 10 man clan tears them apart, give them the chance to go back, and have something to do in this server, not just leave them useless, so they can go and start in a new server. So, long story short, focus on 1 system, give yourselves the chance to improve that one, definitive gamestyle, and forget about adding new weapons and animations for a while, just until you have a playable game for everyone that doesn't have a top tier PC. (For the record, not saying that you need to make it so people with a 05's PC can play, just something that makes sense)

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