Dear Facebook: Stop Allowing Pedophilia Pages, Comments, and Videos!!

Dear Facebook: Stop Allowing Pedophilia Pages, Comments, and Videos!!

August 4, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alicia Dean

Two days ago, I discovered child pornography on Facebook. It took me LESS THAN A MINUTE to find over a dozen profiles with sexually explicit pictures, comments, and videos. 

Within 24 hours the pages had been reported by THOUSANDS. And yet, Facebook was still allowing them. Still saying they "didn't go against community standards." It was utterly unbelievable! 

The next morning I called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, only to discover the main child pornography page I'd found, "Cute and Lovely Boys" had been reported to them hundreds of times. They'd already reported the page to Law Enforcement, but were STILL trying to contact Facebook. *Insert the deafening sound of crickets*

The page mentioned, has since been made private. The general public can no longer access it. 

{UPDATE:: The page "cute and lovely boys" has either been removed or hidden...It is no longer visible!} 

Facebook has PROVED IT'S ABILITY to delete what it wants to, with it's QUICK and HASTY censorship over the past two weeks!! 

Facebook!! We KNOW you can DO BETTER!! We see you! And we demand action! 

  • We would LOVE TO SEE more done to address this problem: a public statement, a re-framing of your current task force, additional man hours dedicated to combating this problem...AN ACTUAL phone number that people can call to report pages like this! 
  • If the public will not demand censorship of CHILD PORN then who will??

Stop the exploitation of children! 

We can do more!


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Signatures: 8,566Next Goal: 10,000
Support now

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