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Wrongful removal of Personal Facebook Account

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My name is Lauren. I am 24 years old and the mother of two great children. On January 15th, 2017 at 3:55pm I had a man message me harassing me calling me names. Naturally I'm confused. I share no mutual friends with this guy, no mutual facebook groups, nothing.He had requested to be my friend a few weeks prior. A request that went unanswered because I didn't know him. I believe this was the cause for his random verbal assault. This continued with me trying to figure out what this guy's problem was. Ultimately I blocked him from sending me anything. At this point my friend who was equally confused messaged this guy to see what his problem was. He then went on to attack her for her sexually and call her offensive names in regards to her sexuality. At this point I'm upset I post the screenshots to my fcebook. It's my right the man attacked us for no reason.

The next morning I receive notice that my account had been blocked for 3 days because of this post. Not only is this absurd the guy is still able to use his account! Now whatever I can deal with 3 days I sucked it up and was dealing with it. I was irritated that yet again a guy who verbally assaulted a women who he did not know on facebook was free to do as they pleased with the victim in the situation receiving punishment. As day 2 of my block went on mid day I received a pop up on my page that my account had been disabled for continuing to violate facebook policy... this is where my issue comes in. I was already blocked for 3 days I could not physically do anything on facebook. It was impossible for me to continue to violate anything. I submitted an appeal for the disablement of my account. I was contacted by Facebook saying yhey would look into it. I then later thay day received an email from them saying they do not tolerate hate speech and that my acount had been indefinitely disabled. Yet this guy is completely free and able to use his account still. 

Facebook accounts can be remade that's not my main issue anymore. I had pictures of my kids on there from old devices I can no longer receive. I have videos of my kids and family I can no longer receive.  Memories with friends and family that are gone now. 

Why is Facebook allowing people to get away with things like this? Why am I the victim being punished for what man did to me? And I am not the only person I have personally seen this happen too. On too many occasions facebook wrongfully punishes the victim in the situation. I am demanding an explanation! I have had women reach out to me who have been in this exact situation and had Facebook do the exact same thing to them! Men who have had this happen to them as well. Why is facebook protecting these people basically? I refuse to sit around and allow this to happen without making myself and the hundreds of other people they have done this to be heard! It's time facebook start taking action against the correct people! 

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