We demand Facebook to stop censoring the Voice of Kashmir; restore accounts & pages.

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We Demand Facebook to immediately restore the accounts & pages of Pro-Kashmir Rights activists.

On December 9th, 2019, Facebook took unjustified discriminatory sweeping action disabling & banning hundreds of Pro-Kashmir rights activists (politicians, journalists & students) accounts & pages.

This is a clear violation of International Human Rights as United Nations Security Council Resolutions recognize the rights struggle of Kashmiri people in several resolutions.

Facebook and Twitter are taking liberties with censorship that violate free speech rights and they are doing so to comply with the repressive government.

The Indian government is repressing the rights of Kashmir people by possing curfew, suppressing journalists/media and banning the use of the Internet.

For several months now Facebook has been trying to silence the voices of those who stand in support of the Kashmiri people. Facebook silence voices by restricting supporters from posting, restricting their activity and even deactivating their accounts. 

In all cases, no explanation is given as to what standard was violated, or what specific action caused them to take action against banned accounts.

The list of banned accounts is unlimited and stories of people who have lost their Facebook or Twitter account for simply supporting the Kashmir & speaking against Indian Violence.

We demand that Facebook discontinue their unfair practice of censoring & restore banned accounts/pages.

Change their procedures for terminating accounts. Accounts should not be arbitrarily terminated based on ones personal beliefs. If an account is terminated then Facebook should state specifically what the person did to warrant their action, list what specific rule was violated, and allow the person to defend themselves.