Change the way flagged posts on facebook groups are dealt with.

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We are petitioning you to take a stand against other Facebook users who troll, visit or belong to Facebook groups and report/flag innocent comments/posts indiscriminately just to cause trouble.
Background -
When a post get flagged by someone as being abusive/spam, Facebook’s automated system kicks in to log out the person from Facebook so they have to log back in , review the comment, un-check a box if they don't agree the comment was breaking Facebook rules and then the person can proceed to their profile etc. No human being bar the person reported gets to review the supposed abusive post , the whole system is automated and as such leaves the door wide open for the wholesale abuse of the system.
So you belong to a group you share social time with people who hold similar beliefs or interests yet suddenly you start getting reported for your posts and comments, you scratch your head wondering why someone would think your innocent comments are abusive , it begins to happen multiple times a day yet you don't know who is doing it to you, you cannot block the person as they are another group member and the report you get doesn't tell you who reported you. A computer deals with each report so you have no way of contacting anyone on Facebook to get help with this. There is nothing within the help center on Facebook that deals with this issue. It reaches the point where you are bullied off your group and you leave the group you previously enjoyed just to escape the reporting.
Simple fix -
If the administrator of your group had been able to review the flagged comments and dismiss them as unfounded - all the stress worry and inconvenience could have been avoided. A person can get reported multiple times in a day and can do nothing about it as they do not know the person doing it to block them.
We are petitioning Facebook to begin taking the issue of cyber bullying on Facebook groups more seriously, and to change the automated flagging system on groups from computerized to an administrator responsibility We are petitioning to allow ONLY those who are the administrators of the group to review flagged comments so they can ban users, remove the comment or dismiss the report as unfounded as is dictated by the content of the flag.
The current automated flagging system is unfair, as it does not take into account the malicious nature of some of these "reporters" who unfairly report posts "just because they can" and indiscriminately just to cause upset to others.
Help us to take a stand against cyber bullying on Facebook groups.
Thank you for reading. We hope you join with us on this petition.