To remove permanently fake profiles

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  1. Fake profiles are often being reclaimed by its owners as they validate a phone number or e-mail, maybe verify friends. However, it doesn't mean they are account's owner is in fact real; They create profiles for characters and play in their own world, that's not the point of the network.
  2. Using fake names and pictures violates terms of service of the website; It's evidence enough those people haven't even read the rules of Facebook
  3. They post harmful and sexually explicit content and get away with it because they're hidden under aliases and fake pictures.
  4. Children could be accessing illegal content through fakes or those could be predators seeking minors, damaging the website's safety
  5. Second Life and Furry Fandom have their own database and social networks, there isn't any reason they should be using Facebook as characters rather than real people.
  6. They promote fake advertisement
  7. Some characters pose as children/minors who are involved in sexually explicit content.

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