To overturn ban against my Posting on Facebook just cos I post articles critical of Islam

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I have been engaged in Christian Apologetics for over 3 years. Lately bans against me have become more frequent and longer. This trend will not stop until and unless someone takes a stand against this blatant attempt to prevent free speech. There are literally dozens of debating Groups operating in Facebook many expressly catering for Muslim vs Christian points of view in the most direct and confrontational way. All I do is post articles which expose the hypocrisy and the illogical and historical errors of Islam. I do not attack any individual or try to insult anyone. No reason was given for my latest ban other than to say something I posted entitled "True or False" broke Facebook community standards. There is no right of appeal against such bans and no system of arbitration. The system is draconian and broken. Facebook needs to get it's act together fast. I am doing this not just for myself but literally hundreds of others who are being banned without reasonable cause.

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