Second Chance for Juan

Second Chance for Juan

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Started by Claudia Kimbrell

My fiancé over twenty years ago accidentally killed his girlfriend. His name is Juan and he’s from Mexico. Growing up in Mexico he had a dream, a dream of coming to America and building a life with his family. At 26 and Three years into the dream it became a nightmare. He still didn’t speak English except for a few words. He and his girlfriend were about to move into a new apartment. Juan had been saving his money and working for the American dream. 

Juan and his girlfriend were arguing and he pushed her back into the seat of the car with his forearm and accidentally killed her. She was the love of his life. Now she was gone. He called the police and now the nightmare begins. 

The Detective’s interrogated him for days with no translator. He didn’t know what they were saying to him. When the detectives got angry and started yelling he said, what I say yes or no. So he was directed to answer accordingly. After the third time they accepted that video during interrogation. My husband was told to plead guilty and was given a public defender.

Twenty years have past and one day he saw a dream. Was it too late to start over? I met my husband while he was incarcerated and have never met a more compassionate person. There was an ex cop who wrote a book and mentioned Juan and said, “he doesn’t belong in prison.” My husband  is very remorseful.

There is no reason he should have spent this much time for an accident. He loved his girlfriend and they had been together for ten years and had two children together. He would have never purposefully hurt her.

Prison is a cold and evil place. We send offenders so they have the opportunity to rehabilitate. When you have life you are limited inside the walls. When you have no support you feel helpless and abandoned. No compassion, no warmth from your loved ones. It’s a place where depression is at every corner of a small cell that you have to share with a stranger. Twenty years without arms around you and a simple whisper of the word’s I care, I love you these are seldom if never heard. Depending where they’re at there is constant fear and looking over your shoulder. How can we as a society throw away people. An admission of guilt is something they live with every day. When do we finally say your rehabilitated? We as a system do not monitor advancements or achievements, we don’t care because they’re prisoners. No they’re humans who need a second chance. 

If Juan was a violent person and was a criminal inside I wouldn’t stand behind him. Working inside I’ve seen guy’s who just don’t want to be better and I’ve seen the ones who don’t deserve to be there anymore, the ones who need a second chance.

Its time for Juan to come home. I have lupus and we believe AND  know how precious life is. Because Juan is from Mexico he will be deported. There is no reason to keep him any longer. He along with other inmates have not received their Covid-19 booster and he stays locked down because of lack of staffing. The facility he is currently on has been designated for gangs. Juan is not gang affiliated and never has been. Because he didn’t know how the justice system worked he was completely naïve. Juan is still believing in the American dream that’s all he has and me! I believe in Juan and with GOD in charge and your help we can bring him home.

19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!