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TNVS for a better means of transportation

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The TNVS industry here in the Philippines has grown exponentially ever since it was introduced in a short period of time. It was a phenomenon to all the commuters who needs to go to their destination with haste without sacrificing their comfort and it comes with a reasonable price. In addition to that not only it gives commuters convinience but also security, all members or partners of the TNVS are registered to a system and prior to your trip they will provide a short preview of your driver, all of them are registered as a professional licensed driver so nothing to worry about. Everyone found the TNVS a solution for a better way of transportation and everybody love it.

Now TNVS faces a problem which impedes their operation. The taxi driverd are now protesting against them due to the drastic decline in the patronage of taxis. They see the TNVS industry as a threat to erase them out of the transportation market. Now they have successfully won the case against a TNVS company and that is unfair. You can't blame the commuters on why they grew fond on the TNVS. Taxi Drivers are notorious for being ill tempered, adding up extra fare, drugging their passengers and many more. I'm not generalizing all of them but my point is there is no sense of security. 

I think the best way to end the fight between the Taxi and the TNVS is that if the taxi register under the name of TNVS or if possible they should conive in order to achieve a better service to its passengers

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