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Tell Facebook to remove Kaspersky malicious software from their social platform.

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If you use Facebook, you may have malicious spyware on your computer. Facebook partnered with software companies that offer malware removal scanners--Kaspersky was added in 2015. But Kaspersky Lab is a Russian company with ties to Russian intelligence agencies and they can force Kaspersky to share data.  In fact, just last month the USA BANNED Kaspersky from from all government computers.

Russian ads on Facebook carefully targeted 10 million Facebook members in an attempt to influence the USA 2016 Presidential elections. These ads were found to have specifically targeted people from Michigan and Wisconsin, two states that made Donald Trump's victory possible. What if it was Kaspersky data that helped spread to targeted states? The Washington Post on 10/10/2017 quoted Andrei Soldatov, a Russian surveillance expert and author of The Red Web saying “I would be very, very skeptical” of the claim that the government cannot read the firm’s data. As an entity that deals with encrypted information, Kaspersky must obtain a license from the FSB (Russia Counterintelligence), the country’s powerful security service, he noted, which “means your company is completely transparent” to the FSB." 


Will Kaspersky do it again in 2018? 

Demand that Facebook remove Kaspersky software and notify and inform all Facebook users on how to remove this software from their infected computers. We need to stop the Russian government from spying on USA citizens with the intent to sway our democratic elections. Save our democracy from external influence! 

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