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Facebook: Take Down the FaceBook Page Kill All The Wolves

Because they have picture after picture of killed ,and skinned wolves.They are piled on top of each other.They even have a picture of a pile of burned wolves.FaceBook is no place for this type of violence.It is way beyond and above just a common hunting page.They have been reported over and over and Facebook still refuses to take them down.This page has to be shut down.Now it has been brought to my attention; this Horrible page is also getting peoples stuff off of their wall and posting it on the kill all wolves wall and telling all of their followers to harass those people who pics were posted their page.

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Take Down the FaceBook Page Kill All Wolves,this page shows pictures of graphic violence toward all breeds of wolves.This page goes beyond a normal hunting page,or what a normal hunter would post.The stuff on this page is strictly to upset people and not for entertainment.There is not reason for this page to be on FB.It benefits no one,it does nothing but show picture after picture of skinned wolves,dead wolves piled on top of one another,there is one where the wolves were burned up with chlorine gas.There is not reason for this page.Please take it down.

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