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Facebook: Take down "Spot Your Ex ?" and STOP the distribution of child pornography.

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The fact that this page has been reported by countless Facebook users and still has not been taken down is utterly disgusting. Furthermore, Facebook's reply to these disgusted users, indicating that it does not violate any of their terms of use is somewhat mind boggling.

This is a page dedicated to abhorrent slut shaming, belittling both women and men who choose to consensually share photographs with a partner. Ignoring any opinions you may have of the original sender's actions, the blatant harassment brought upon these senders is vile and relentless, relying on the malice of others to fuel this bullying escapade. Some of the victims of this bullying appear to look underage, and are therefore victims of child pornography distribution. This page is also easily accessible to both children and sexual predators. The fact that Facebook blatantly refuses to take action on this matter is indicative of their lack of care for the well-being and safety of the Facebook community.

It is absolutely imperative that Facebook remove this page and alter their terms and conditions of use (or Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) to prevent pages like this from appearing or remaining in operation in the future.

This is a matter of deep concern as the page provides no benefit to any of the users who access it other than to validate their malicious behaviour and to provide an open catalog for sexual predators to browse through, all-the-while mentally tormenting its victims.

It NEEDS to be removed.

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