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Take down a page titled, "Sids is Funny Because Kids Die".

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March 12th, 2007 at about 2 am my son stopped breathing, stopped living, at just 3 days old due to S.I.D.S. There was nothing funny in the way his face turned blue, or in the way his nurse and I both panicked, or even in the way they spent nearly 24 hours trying to resuscitate my son. There was no laughter when my son lay lifeless on machines and tubes. There was nothing funny about his doctors informing me he was brain dead. There was nothing funny about planning his funeral or trying to stay sane. Nothing funny about how the sight of an empty carseat still haunts me to this day.

And there is nothing funny about the millions of families who have been told their children died for no reason.

We don't know why or how our children were taken.

We do know however that they were here. They were living, breathing, beings. They deserve respect for that alone.

This page and it's owner laugh in the face of every parent, not just those of us who have suffered through the death of our children but for those who know about S.I.D.S. and for those who fear it.

This is not humor FaceBook, this is not a 'community organization'. This page is filled with what your reporting system calls 'Hate speech', based upon the fact that they are targeting millions of children with a 'certain disability or disease.'

Considering you yourselves consider your site to be a 'family friendly' place I don't understand why our reports of this page go unnoticed. Our concerns fly above your heads and we are simply told that it doesn't go against your community standards.

It is an outrage that the employees at your company feel it's okay for this to continue.

Take down the page that is sure to cause nothing but heartache. Allow us to heal and our children to be remembered with the respect we deserve.

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