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Something has to be done about this!  The Facebook page (link below) shows the most hideous, horrifying thing I have ever seen. I clicked on it, thinking it was another cute or funny video of a puppy. To my horror it was not. It has left me traumatized and unable to think of anything else. I would give anything if I could un-see it.  The people in the video are laughing as they light a puppy on fire and watch it desperately try to out run the fire until it slowly burns to death. I contacted Facebook to take the video down but they refused. After viewing the video they decided that it meets their “Community Standard”. I am appalled at the decision and can’t help but wonder just who’s community are they referring to? Charles Manson? Jeffery Dahmar?  Surely not mine.  I am trying to prevent some other unsuspecting person (maybe a child) from opening that video and having it affect them as it has me.

 The other link below is to the page of the people that made the video. As you can imagine, I have given them my “opinion” However they are Asian and probably didn’t understand a word I wrote.

Please help by either contacting Facebook directly or signing this petition. Maybe it will deter some of these sick people from making this trash if there is one less place to display it.


Edwina R. Bishop

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