Stop YouTube and Facebook from banning Praveen Mohan

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How many of you know and follow Praveen Mohan?
Well, Praveen Mohan is one of those researchers who has done some outstandingly groundbreaking work on Indian history and extraterrestrial theories.
His knowledge about Indian scriptures is unparalleled and his researches are way better than that of the most qualified archaeologists.
With knowledge, logic and evidence, he has been able to put forward strongest theories about how technologically advanced ancient Indians and contemporary world was.
He has been serially debunking the half-truths of our history books.
What's even more interesting? Most of his work is difficult to challenge or to counter question.
In last few years, Praveen Mohan gained a lot of momentum, globally and established himself as a magnate of the discoursed community.

However, Youtube banned him, a few months ago. His video stopped getting demonetized and he was notified for not publishing 'original content'.

Today, following YouTube's suite, Facebook too banned him, citing the same reason.
Don't forget, he's the one who travels to remotest locations, read plethora of scriptures to back his theories and then connect dots. In no way, is his content unoriginal.

Since, Praveen Mohan has unveiled the most cryptic secrets of India that would make western world look too tiny in front of it, Facebook and YouTube banned him.

Isn't it unjust to suppress/discard anything that goes against or falls out of your belief system? Is it okay to let such a scholar fall prey to this tyrannical attitude of giants like Facebook and YouTube?

Please sign this petition to spread awareness about the scholar and stand in solidarity with him.