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facebook: Stop unwarranted censorship and undocumented claims to our facebook page.


We believe we are being harassed on our popular Dancers Over 40 facebook page (almost 20,000 people in three years!). Never have we had such a problem with posting dance photos as we have this week with two complaints of pictures that have been up for months. When we took the issue to our fans, we had overwhelming support for the photo(s), one of which garnered 29,000 views on our site before it was taken down. This is bullying as well as censorship by the few. We have the overwhelming support of our fans (see our "censored" post where they all write and support the photos....) Don't know what more to do, since Facebook has NO MECHANISM for anyone to counterclaim anywhere on their help page. As small an incident as this is, it reflects the tyranny of the few over the majority and the lack of accountability of Facebook for our basic rights and freedom of the press. They purport to be on the side of righteousness, and then have no vehicle for counterclaim or communication to solve the problems that occur. We are a very small non-profit organization with no salaried employees, but we reach 20,000 fans and over 303,000 people with our facebook page, website and YouTube channel. Please go to those sites to learn more about us…and sign our petition!

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