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Stop them from making small business promote their posts

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All of the changes Facebook has made in the last 2 weeks REALLY, REALLY effects people with small businesses. Now our posts are seen by virtually no one except very, very devoted fans and family. I understand not "everyone" is going to see our posts, but this is outrageous. I have over 12,000 fans and I'm lucky to have a few hundred see our posts. Even on my other business page I have over 5,000 fans and I'm lucky if just 100 fans see my post.

So what's the problem? Well, I'm not some big giant corporation and I can't "boost my post" by paying $5 every time I post something just for "approximately 550 more fans" to be able to see my post. The ironic part is that I'd be paying to have MY OWN FANS see my posts. MY OWN FANS.... Shouldn't they have a chance to see my posts no matter what? Isn't that why they are "my fans"? So my chances of selling products or services to new customers is virtually impossible anymore. Or even if I just want to create some positivity with a nice post with a picture quote than even LESS people see it. And heaven forbid I have a post linked to my actual website because then I'd be lucky to have 20 people see my page.

You are hurting my page and my business. Potentially you are taking away from my income and my ability to take care of my family and put food on the table. What a shame it is that you are so greedy that you have to take from the little businesses. I'm sorry I can't pay $100 each post to reach fans but I honestly don't think I should have to. I worked HARD to get my fans and I don't think just having 10% of my OWN fans see my posts is right. Anyone who has a small business page should be concerned and somewhat upset about this! It's effecting YOU!

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