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Stop the White House ban on CDC for the seven words ordered on 12/16/2017

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As a physician and a citizen of this great nation, myself, the rest of the medical community, and the public are appalled by the ban on CDC from using the following seven words: vulnerable, evidence-based, science-based, transgender, fetus, diversity, entitlement. 

CDC must have the right to use the best scientific evidence available to them to improve the health of all Americans. Physicians and other health care personnel depend on evidence-based medicine and science-based research to formulate treatment protocols for their patients. Evidence-based medicine provides safety and quality in providing healthcare for the public. Clinical practice is based on evidence research that will benefit the patient, especially in the era of increased risk of cancers, obesity, and other health related issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. It also allows health care professionals across the different fields to provide consistent clinical recommendations to their patients. 

CDC must have the right to use the word "transgender" in order to help with health related issues of transgender people and diversified people, otherwise we are creating inequality and injustice for transgender people, and doing harm to their health. 

CDC must have the right to use the word "fetus", in order to be able to protect the health of women and fetal health, especially in the era of Zika virus and opioid crisis, which is causing neonatal abstinence syndrome, as well as other fetal-related health issues during pregnancy such as infections, birth defects and preterm-labor.

CDC must have the right to use the word "diversity", as our country is full of diversity with different ethnicities, religions, races, and sexual orientations.  If we ban this word, it will create harm and injustice to the diversified people of our communities. This will bring the public into harm's way. Everyone should have equal opportunity to get proper health care if needed. 

CDC must have the right to use these seven words in ANY documents , including budget-related documents. The ban of these seven words from any documents must be lifted in order to continue equality of care for all people of our great nation, and to protect everyone's well-being. If the White House bans the CDC from using these seven words, individuals will be harmed due to a lack of equality and poor medical management. 



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