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Stop the 'Unjustified' Facebook Bans & Account Deactivations

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The Issue!

Facebook outlines its 'Community Standards' policy, insisting all fellow members adhere to said policy! However, Facebook regularly contradicts its own policy by failing to follow its own guidelines, leaving members confused as to what content is and isn't prohibited.

As a result of Facebook’s disregard and lack of understanding of its own 'Community Standards' policy, copious amounts of Facebook community members are being unjustifiably restricted from posting and in extreme cases their accounts disabled for apparent breach(s) of Facebook 'Community Standards'. Various material, some of an adult nature shared privately within adult groups which clearly follow Facebook community standards are being removed for breach of policy with those members subsequently receiving bans of 1,3,7 & 30 days consecutively. Furthermore, valid appeals against said decisions are often disregarded despite supportive evidence which strongly favour the individual’s right to have said material reinstated and the account restriction removed.

Continuous said community standard breaches result in the deactivation of Facebook members accounts, and in other cases members asked to validate their identity via a government issued ID, despite this being unlawfully unenforceable. However, Facebook members are succumbed to the fact they have no other option but to comply with such requests or fear having their Facebook account deactivated. Justifiable appeals and those who question the validity of such actions are disregarded, after all the individual Facebook user is a small fish in a big pond governed by what has become a bureaucratic establishment!

 The Solution

  • In order to resolve the issue Facebook needs to review and resubmit a clear and concise 'Community Standards' policy, specifically outlining what is and isn't prohibited.
  • Facebook employees should be fully familiar with said policies in order for them to be enforced fairly and consistently across the entire Facebook community.
  • An overhaul of its 'Appeals and Complaints' procedure. Make it fair and easy for Facebook members to appeal against bans and account deactivations. Provide an interactive environment where members can submit supportive evidence of their case, or submit a complaint in respect of the way their appeal has been handled. Under the current system this interaction is one way with automated Facebook responses providing very little or no justification for said decisions.
  • Review its content ensuring it’s consistent across the entire community. Supportive evidence gathered depicts the many inconsistencies within the Facebook community, this needs rectifying in order for Facebook members to visually appreciate what is and isn’t socially acceptable.
  • Review private Group policies. Allow admins to set age limits and restrict specific material being shared into other groups/forums. Private groups should remain as such allowing the users of those groups to share a common interest.

In Summary

Facebook in the view of many is a connection between communities providing a platform for many individuals to interact socially and privately, sharing common interests and goals. Facebook’s continuous inconsistencies is segregating these communities, taking away their ability to socially interact in what has become a Facebook dictatorship which decides what is and isn’t sociably acceptable. This in the opinion of many needs to change and hopefully this is the first step in making that change.

Please help improve our Facebook community, sign the petition and change the Facebook social community for the better. Let's put an end to the Facebook bureaucracy and dictatorship!  



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