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STOP supporting animal cruelty by letting people sell dogs on your site

Puppy mills are horrible places. The mothers and fathers of the puppies are condemned to a life time of misery. Then when the mothers or fathers can no long breed they are killed. The dogs do not have adequate vet care, cages or sometimes even food or water. There are 30,000 shelter dogs that are killed every day because they don't have homes. Facebook is letting "commercial breeders" or "puppy brokers" lie to you and rip you off.  99% of puppies sold in pet store or on line are from puppy mills.  These dogs are sick and most of the puppies die due to a number of medical reasons most of which is pure niglect.  Maybe Facebook is not aware of this problem even though so many people have reported these puppy selling pages as fraud. Please help me stop these people from selling sick puppies on Facebook. Tell facebook to stop letting businesses sell puppies and dogs on their site.  Google puppy mills and learn the truth about where the pet store and internet puppies come from.  Speak up for the voiceless.  

. Kristen Kaminski CAPS Chicago Volunteer Coordinator
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