Stop social media outlets from allowing trigger pictures of drug abuse

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Print and social media often use realistic pictures of drug use when reporting on substance abuse issues.  Pictures depicting IV drug use, needles, chopped up lines on mirrors, and glass pipes are all examples of items that can "trigger" a person in recovery from substance abuse.  One of the most important things an addict in recovery can do is stay away from people, places, and THINGS that remind them of prior drug use.  A casual thought of using a drug can, and often does, grow into an action of relapsing.  There is no need to use these photos unless they are being used an educational tool in a controlled setting.   A person in recovery often has substance abuse articles come up automatically in their newsfeed or timeline because of their interests.  Our nation is currently going through an Opioid Crisis.  We all use social media and we all have been affected by this drug epidemic.  We all know someone who has died. Something as simple as a trigger warning or a ban on pictures which contain realistic substance abuse trigger pictures could help millions of Americans who use social media and are in recovery.  Social media should be a safe place for a person in recovery because it also is an important tool to be able to reach out and connect with those who are going through similar experiences.  Please sign and share this petition to support all of our brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives who are going through recovery so that they can have a better and safer social media experience.  You may literally be saving a life.

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