Stop shutting Athiests pages

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Athiest cammunity in North Africa and the Middle East finds a lot of attacks and racist acts that has moved from the real life to Facebook.
And it is the only outlet that has left us to vent the repression of religion , gouvernement and societies.
We are demanding a platform respect our minds , ideas and allow us to discuss real science like evolution or the big bang theory without losing our personnel or poblic pages .
Those who speak Arabic and review the reports they are the products of the repressive environment itself they shut our pages and rise the waves of aggression against us from the first report ..

We are getting reported from the most commercial pages who only cares about collecting likes and views.. many of the reporters know nothing about our content, and if it's really against community values or not.. the description "atheist " is more than enough to make the link of our pages and personal profiles coppied to hundreds of groups and pages asking for reporting us without even checking our content.

Our page and many other pages closed many times just because of reporting.. we don't send any hateful messages .. we discuss everything in a logical way..All we criticze is the suppressions of freedoms of choice , the Athiests and non-Moslims attacks , reducing the value of women .
We are not required to stop our mentel development in order to satisfy their sensitive religious sense . it is not our problom if this is a part of thier religion
we only care about developing a content that communicate with the followers' minds..
And as freedom of speech is one of Facebook most important standards.. I believe that you are going to take our complaint in your kind consideration as it's not just for helping us but also for making Facebook better for all of us as "users" ..
Thank you very much in advance for your kind help ..

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