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Stop restricting and threatening the Compliments movement.

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FACEBOOK: We Are Not Spam
Various individuals studying at universities across North America, Asia, and Europe have created “Compliment” Facebook profiles for their schools. This social project - pioneered by Queen’s University with the first Compliments account on September 12, 2012 – aims to spread joy across our campus communities. There are currently over eighty campuses with Compliments profiles, and the number grows rapidly.

We believe that this movement is one of the most positive and impactful events to ever occur at our schools. Words are extremely powerful things – and we constantly hear them used negatively in our daily lives. During times of stress or extreme duress, compliments can have an uplifting effect on a student’s mental state that is almost magical.

We are merely a board - an outlet if you will - for people to anonymously express how much they appreciate and love others in our community. This raises school spirit; the anonymity simulates collective feelings of respect and positivity in our communities - feelings that are often lost in today’s society.

Your automated security system serves as a barrier to our mission, blocking our friend request and comment capabilities because we are more active than most accounts. If you look at our mission, you will see no evidence of spam. We believe that our contribution is important, it is something that has fills a hole that desperately needed filling on our campuses.

Suggestions for converting our profiles into fan pages have been tossed around, but we have reasons for creating personal accounts. We have no control over who “likes” fan pages. Personal accounts allow restriction of our friends lists to our own campuses, making it much easier to monitor and weed out spammers and offensive posts. Likewise, we know of the ability to create groups restricted to our school networks. This restriction, however, requires us to provide an email address associated with our university - which jeopardizes our mission of anonymity. Lastly, tags from a personal account allows our statuses to appear on the walls of recipients’, allowing family and friends to see others’ impressions of their loved one and express solidarity with them. This is also a great way of publicizing our movement.

As you can see from our earnest plea, we are not spammers. People who believe we are overtaking their newsfeed have the ability to easily prevent us from appearing on them. The purposes for various Facebook accounts are becoming more and more varied over time, and we strut the line between organization and individuals. That does not make us nefarious.

This social project has “gone viral” and is increasing in traction exponentially. Media outlets are getting word of our project and seek to publicize it further; TIME Magazine just published an editorial about the movement, as did Huffington Post. University communities across the world see the value and NEED FOR IT - and Facebook is the only outlet in which we can accomplish it. Facebook is a social network in which conflict and antagonism is the norm; our profiles happily buck this trend and give Facebook a fresh coat of paint. Do not ignore us, help us. It would be shame for all involved to see this movement stonewalled by your bans.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to lift the restrictions imposed upon University Compliments personal accounts under the umbrella of preventing spam. Given the rampant negativity in the thoughts and actions of individuals in today’s world, in this case at university communities, we call on Facebook to allow us to operate and further the Compliments movement without any further hindrance, duress, restriction of features, or threats of account bans.

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