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Facebook: STOP posting advertisements of Ringling Bros.

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Ringling Bros. are famous for their animal abuse but they continuously keep denying it and keep getting away with abusing wild animals. Wild animals are not meant to perform tricks, jump through fire hoops, be deprived of food so they can perform tricks and restrained for most of their lives. Circuses are not where wild animals belong!

Facebook still posts ads for Ringling Bros. despite many allegations and witnesses of the animal cruelty. Facebook generates enough money to not need the bloody money of Ringling Bros. who pay for these ads.

These are the words of a former Ringling Bros. employee on witness an abuse of an elephant:"I saw handlers deliver a beating … for 30 minutes. She was covered with bloody wounds. I'll never forget her agonizing screams. Please, never take your children to a Ringling Bros. circus."

The abuse does not happen just once, these animals have to live through it every day suffering in pain.

You can help by signing this petition, by boycotting the circus and telling everyone about circus cruelty.These animals should be living their life out in the wild not captivity.

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