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Facebook: Stop plus size discrimination and end blatant double standards

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In a day where technology is a big part of our lives and more people joining social networking sites it is important to make sure all users of such sites feel safe. I am an admin of a Facebook page called Confident Women Of Size were our admin team are constantly being banned by Facebook because of content they deem inappropriate. The problem with this is our page and many like ours that are dedicated to plus size women are constantly being banned, taken down completely, or content being removed with no reason given other than it violates Facebook's terms. There are countless Facebook pages that are of a hateful nature bullying others and have a lot worse things on them that still stay up and are fully functioning pages. Why are plus size pages constantly being deleted by Facebook? Why is it okay for someone of a smaller size to wear a bikini or a bra and panties on other pages and they are not removed but if a plus size page posts something of the same nature we are the pages that get reprimanded? I tell you why... because Facebook has a blatant double standard and I could even go as far as to say they do not like plus size women and the pages suffer. Facebook claims to be a safe site where they take bullying seriously but I have reported many people who have come on our page belittling the women and downright bullying them but nothing is ever done. As a plus size woman myself I am outraged that Facebook allows this to happen to women who just are trying to show off their confidence. We are no different than an average size person and we do not deserve to be treated so poorly. It is time we take a stand and call Facebook out on their size discrimination and their double standards. We deserve better than the treatment we receive from Facebook and as an admin I am calling them out on this issue!

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