Stop People Getting Away With Sexual Harassment on Instagram

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Instagram is supposed to be a safe place to share images and updates about your life, and for many it is also a platform to inspire and to earn a living. Unfortunately, the app is full to the brim with people (particularly men, but also women) who think it is acceptable to send unsolicited photos of their genitalia to people who haven't asked for it as well as other forms of sexual harassment such as stalking, verbal abuse and demoralisation. As someone who gets sent at least one unwanted 'dick pic' a week, I know how terrible, disgusting, and dirty this kind of treatment can make you feel. I use Instagram to lift people up and to promote empowerment, yet the app doesn't support me when I am made to feel otherwise.

It is widely known that it's incredibly hard to get Instagram to actually take action against people who partake in this kind of behaviour. Instagram MUST make it easier for people to be reported when it happens, yes you can report the picture, but to report it you actually have to sit and look at the picture/message that you don't want to read. And in my experience, Instagram have not once removed a man's profile when I have reported a dick pic I've been sent, now that says something right?!

In fact, more often than not, when people try to take it into their own hands to name and shame the person who sent the photo/messages, the victim is the one who gets their account taken away. 

As a forward thinking platform, Instagram needs to stop being complicit in these kinds of actions, people's complaints must be taken more seriously, and Instagram need to find a way to prevent people who do these behaviours from continuing. Join me and sign this petition to start standing up against sexual harassment and get Instagram and Facebook to start taking these actions more seriously.