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Facebook: Stop Geo-tagging Cincinnati as Clifton, Ohio

Dear Facebook:

Stop saying that I'm in Clifton. I am not, in fact, in Clifton. Clifton is one of the many neighborhoods in Cincinnati, but that's not even what you're referring to... you're referring to the village of Clifton, OH, which is approximately 60 miles northeast of Cincinnati. I have nothing against Clifton. I'm just not there.

My phone knows exactly where I am. Your app knows that I am in Cincinnati. It says "Cincinnati" right there at the lower left of this status update form. But when I select Post I will be magically transported from Cincinnati 60 miles to Clifton. Even if I'm nowhere near the northern part of the Cincinnati area.

Please stop doing that.


Facebook started tagging all locations in and around Cincinnati as "at Clifton, Ohio" some time in 2012. Many mistakenly thought this was referring to the Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton.

In fact, if you click on the map in the "at Clifton, Ohio" posts, you will find that Facebook is actually referring to the small village of Clifton, OH, which is approximately 60 miles north east of Cincinnati, and 22 miles east of Dayton. How it's tagging us here is anyone's guess.

Sometimes — many times — it even tags you as being "at Clifton, Ohio" but your location as "Just now in Dayton, Ohio" which isn't even close to Cincinnati or, really, Clifton either.

Cincinnatians have had enough! We are fans of Facebook, and avid users, and we're asking Facebook to fix this.

Please Like our Facebook page to build support for this issue. There you can share your experiences with this problem. But PLEASE be nice and keep it civil. We're asking for a bug fix, not political change.

We know this is not the end of the world, but we sure would like our Cincinnati area tags to be (at least somewhat) geographically accurate.

Thank you, Facebook!

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