Stop forcing users to display their "real" name.

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Stop forcing users to display their "real" name.

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I, among hundreds of others, have been forced to change my name to something Facebook has arbitrarily deemed to be more appropriate and many of us have had to send in copies of a government issued ID.
Facebook has been hunting down and locking out any of it's users who "appear not to be using their real name."

This is not just inconvenient it is also incredibly problematic and very dangerous. 
Facebook is not a government agency, it is not the DMV, it does not require a credit score or a background check. Facebook is a social media network and there is NO actual rationale or justification for its users' names and identities to be policed.

Many people are being affected by this: entertainers, authors, bloggers, screenwriters, DJ's, nightlife promoters and performers and anyone else using a professional pseudonym. 

However, many have been forced to leave Facebook altogether since being forced to use their legal name has made it no longer safe for them. 
:: Quite a few users have left since their legal name appearing on their profile will allow them to be serchable to their employer and others, risking their livelihoods. 
::Members of the LGBTQ and specifically trans communities are being forced to use names which do not match their gender or their identity (Ironically enough, it was just last year that Facebook made available gender neutral pronouns as well a myriad of 60+ gender identities. Why can I have "they/them/their" pronouns and identify as non-binary but not use my chosen name?). 
::Survivors of rape, assault, domestic abuse, stalking and other offenses and violations will now be easily searchable to their abusers. 

Facebook: there are countless reasons to use an alias on a social media network, but none of them are the network's business. Take it from Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest and Google + (who had to learn the hard way) this is not a battle worth fighting.

When I can buy a house, rent a car or take out a loan using my Facebook account I will understand the need for this. But until then this must be stopped.

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This petition had 10,126 supporters

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