Stop Feminists being silenced on Instagram and other Social Media platforms

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The silencing of Feminism on these platforms, particularly Instagram, needs to stop. It is the first source of education, first time they may have to check their own privilege for many people, and it is vital that these accounts remain active as it is making a huge difference in peoples' lives. Instagram has shut down numerous accounts over the last year without warning and so many have had to restart their accounts over again. Posts are getting deleted for no reason other than people reporting them, being "offended" by these posts, when rape culture, homophobic, racist, transphobic and WORSE posts are allowed to stay up? It's disgusting. Instagram really needs to pick up their game. If you go to our Facebook Page, you can see the level of disgusting misogyny that stays up versus what gets taken down - Please sign the petition and share with your friends so we can make a difference.