Stop FB censoring reconstruction pics in closed groups for women fighting breast cancer

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For women who have survived breast cancer, or are still fighting the disease, sharing stories of our journeys are vitally important.

We form online communities to support each other, try to answer questions women with new diagnoses might have, inspire each other to keep fighting and be there for each other in the darkest days.

When you survive breast cancer, reclaiming and celebrating your body is so important. But Facebook keeps deleting the photos we share with each other of our healing journeys, saying they violate community standards.

We know that Facebook listens to petitions like this and change their policies – just a few years ago they changed their policy around photos of breastfeeding. The same should be in place for breasts posted in cancer support groups.

Not all of us make it, but when we have a successful outcome we should be able to celebrate that to its fullest,( ie sharing pictures of our reconstruction process). Giving someone hope when they think all is lost is half the battle because at times “seeing is believing”.

These photos provide hope and solidarity to closed group communities. Why does Facebook sexualise these images and say they're not allowed?

Facebook is discriminating breast cancer fighters and survivors for sharing medical outcomes just because it’s our breasts. The breast in this instance is not being represented in a sexual way, and what’s more ridiculous is the fact many of us have had mastectomies, so our pictures are what talented plastic surgeons have been able to give us back when everything was taken to save our lives.

Please sign the petition so that women fighting breast cancer can continue to provide each other with the support we need at such a difficult time.