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Stop Fake News

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The internet is flooded with fake news, and it is impacting our ability to make right decisions. Knowingly or unknowingly our mind gets influenced by news that isn't necessarily true. Although the internet is the source of information for our generation, we need to be conscious of the information we are posting and reading. Fake news can impact all of us in many ways. First of all we will be able to hear the truth about President Donald Trump and not just rumors.  Also even international governments are using fake news to bend different elections, so fake news affects all of us. Facebook and other social media sites can limit fake news if they spend a little more time filtering. We all can help too by reporting fake news, and of course not spreading it. Before social media fake news wasn't that much of a problem. But due to how fast news can travel via this is an issue that needs to be addressed. By signing this petition you are agreeing that Facebook, Twitter, and Google should take more action against fake news.

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