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STOP FACEBOOK Harassment! Stop Disabling Authentic Accounts!!!

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Around the world, a lot of Authentic Facebook Accounts have been disabled by Facebook for no reason. 10 year old accounts are taken away from the real owners. The precious memories in photos, videos, posts, events...everything are taken away from the users. Even microbusiness that are dependent on it’s massive platform are affected. Imagine the emotional stress, burden and problem it’s causing to its users. What if it was a teenager with weak EQ then it commits drastic things to his/her ownself...worst suicide??? Would you allow that to happen? What if the business crumbles down just because of a false claim by their algorithm? 

Facebook is just like a bank where the users invests all their precious data, memories, photos and personal videos...but this “company” just simply take away all of these for no reason. It’s obviously stealing and breaching the contract. Everything should undergoe due process but they don’t. They are a powerful company to which simple human beings like us can’t afford to give them a lesson. But with your help to make everything a beautiful place, we can let Facebook learn from their biggest mistake.

sign the petition to let FACEBOOK know that it’s their own system thats destroying the very core of their HUMANS, who have the capacity to judge rightfully and enjoy life’s greatest wonders. 


Thank you!


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