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Stop Facebook banning posts to help brain injured survivors

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Brain injury survivors need the help of social media like Facebook to raise the profile of this prolific & invisible illness.

Facebook has blocked the Brain Damaged Baron for 'spamming'; posting his films exploring brain injury too many times. FB are stopping a vital means of spreading awareness of brain injury.

The Baron's films help isolated brain injury survivors like myself understand they are not alone. Brain injury kills or injures more people than MS, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS per year. It is a devastating condition that is lifelong.

A year's films have raised awareness of the challenges people with brain injury face. They have been viewed thousands of times. The Baron - Andy - suffers with sleep apnea, poor memory, aphasia, epilepsy & more and helps survivors cope with the effects.

Please support the Baron, BI awareness and survivors by signing this petition to remove Andy's ban. 

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